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When is Asus going to provide Android 11 update to this poor phone that I bought 3 years ago? And enable 4g VoLTE as well being in January 2022 3g will be discontinued starting with AT&T hence according to AT&T as well T-Mobile state that the original ROG phone will not work on their systems in 2022. Any relief for those of us who bought this phone?!? It seems Asus cares more about the ROG 3 and up then they do a 3 year old phone? Heck Samsung and OnePlus are still updating phones they sold 3 years ago. My OnePlus 6 is running Android 11 and will still work on AT&T and T-Mobile after the 3g shut down vs my ROG phone. Can't even sell it on eBay because of this issue.



  • hate to break it to you but the answer is never. The software support doesn't exist for the OG Rog phone.

  • Sadly, Asus had abandoned this poor phone. Hence why I will not buy any other Asus product like motherboards, graphic cards, phones, laptops, etc. Just wish Asus didn't treat their customers like ****. I spent good money and got burnt live and learn, I guess. Well, my OG phone will soon become a "brick" thanks to the 3G shutdown and new requirements carriers are imposing to use cellphones on their networks.

  • It was their first gaming phone so it makes sense that it most likely won't have much future.

    Also don't compare ASUS's mobile devision with their other devisions. If you buy highend stuff, ASUS is top tier in notebook and motherboards, u'd do yourself a disfavor.

    That being said @Gustav_ASUS , @ARP_ASUS since the OG Rog is not supported anyways, couldnt you guys ask the devs to release the sourcecode so that the community can keep the phone updated?

  • I doubt any dev is interested in Rog 1 at this point plus the community for it is non existent rn afaik

    Rog 2 and above have had much better luck on that aspect, official dev program and higher interest by general audience and ofcourse way better sales

  • Irregardless if the ROG phone was Asus's first gaming phone. Asus had abandoned it, period. Many who bought this phone at $900 plus were screwed. Asus handled this badly and like I said, "I will not buy Asus products as a result."

    Asus "may" make great hardware like motherboards, graphic cards, etc. like you state. Does not matter to me, but if the company screws over consumers doesn't inspire confidence in said company.

    I bought this phone to use for years to come, but now in 2022 my ROG phone will be a brick hence $900 just went down the toilet. If Asus would buy back this phone and maybe credit it towards a newer phone would be a nice gesture much like OnePlus, Samsung, heck even Apple does this. Just my 2¢ for today.

  • Hate to break it to you but companies like samsung and apple mess with their customers on a daily basis much more than ASUS ever did.

    Also I just pointed out the obvious, as for the entire product things, if you want to deny yourself good products, it's on you, I just wanted to point out it's a terrible idea as you're punishing yourself more than ASUS.

    Just because ASUS has abandoned the OG Rog doesnt mean their software support sucks on all their devices, Rog2 and Rog3 are still being updated which is far better than the competition. If you purchased another gaming phone you would get much less support than the ASUS ones. Non of the competitors of Rog2 got Android 11, none of the competitiors of the Rog3 has gotten Android 12, Rog3 will get Android 12 in a couple of months.

    You did the classic mistake all early adopters do, expect it to be flawless and supported for a long time.

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    While I agree with ya on other companies screwing up like Samsung, Apple, Tesla, etc. I don't buy products from those companies. So, my contention still holds true.

    And I do agree some companies may have better products than others, but I stay true to my convictions. I come from a different cut of cloth than you do apparently.

    And lastly I do agree with ya about early adopters to a point. But again you drop good money on a product and get burnt hence keep spending money "hoping" a company will make it right doesn't inspire confidence in that company. My philosophy is that I don't mind spending money just don't like wasting it. It would be a waste to keep spending money with a company that doesn't give a **** about a first product launch.

    Back in the day when the ROG launched I was on this board with many others posting about issues with this phone, but those post are now gone. One issue was about the upgrade path for it and Asus kept stringing us along about even getting Android 9. While it was like pulling teeth even to get that. In the end I had hoped Asus would make things right, but my hopes are now dead.

    Just a side note here. I bought a Nivdia Shield Pro 5 years ago and just upgraded it to Android 11!!! Nivdia had done some missteps in the past as well, but at least they care enough to support their "first product launch" from 5 years ago. I will buy their products still as that does inspire confidence for me. Just my 2¢ for tonight. Now to watch the "Eternals" on Disney Plus. Cheers.

  • I see a ton of issues with your mindset, it seems in reality it's you who screwed you over rather than ASUS.

    Denying yourself products just because one of the products suck is punishing yourself more than the company, which I already stated. Companies change, companies do occasionaly screw up, nothing new. I'm way past the point denying myself potential amazing products because of irrational brand hatred, as you mentioned, we are very different on that part.

    It's nothing new, early adopters do not get anything that is great or something that will be supported for a long time, never have, never will. This isn't exclusive to ASUS either. Instead of buying based on brands you hate or like, try to do research on the actual product first. The moment you see no sourcecode published you KNEW it won't have longterm support, this isn't anything new at all. Infact, today it's the opposite way around, many phone manufacturers don't publish sourcecodes or bother to update them.

    I agree on the money spending thing, I want to spend my money as efficiencly as possible as well.

    Your point about this forum being more active and users posting issues and whatnot is also showcasing the main problem. You didn't do proper research. Back then ASUS mobile devision was so small, of course they couldnt afford keeping updates out for a very niche phone, back then gaming phones were more a meme rather than a thing, that's also why Razer stopped making phones. It's first around 2017-2018 where phones as a gaming device picked up steam and grew ASUS's mobile devision.

    As for the NVIDIA Shield thing, absolutely true, however you keep forgetting they have ressources and an active reason to keep those shields up 2 date as humanly possible. A ton of shield users use Geforce Experience as a service, the update is a well worth investment.

    As for NVIDIA, I dislike the company for it's terrible practices, rebrands and lazyness, they do occasionally make good products but most of what they do is kinda yikes, especially at the top end, they lost their edge after the pascal series. Now they just take the lazy route pumping more electricity through their cards, 1000watt PSU for RTX 3090TI, ridicolous. As for their desktop cards, the support on those is awful when comparing to AMD.

  • I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Yes, Nivdia is doing some dumb moves with the 3000 series cards that I will agree. Especially with the fact one can't get one presently with the supply shortage and scalpers everywhere. I am still running a 1660 TI card in my PC hence gave up hope of getting any 3000 series card. But, I digress.

    And lastly I knew that gaming phones were going to be for niche market, and I figured that Asus being in the gaming industry would produce a "great product" for those of us into gaming. The phone is great for gaming, but as a phone it is lacking BIG time given the 3g shutdown in 2022 and carriers putting new restrictions onto their networks hence Asus like other phone manufacturers knew this was going to happen should have made the ROG phone future compatible with the new standards. Heck, OnePlus and Nokia anticipated this when their phones were made. I have a Nokia 6.1 that will work in 2022 under the new systems and that was launched in 2017. My OnePlus 6 which was launched in 2018 is still kicking. But, my Asus ROG soon will be a "brick" under the new system in the U.S. either way I learned my lesson. My "mindset" as you put it is simple I pay for a product I expect it to work for more than 2 years, and expect support for it under any warranty that comes with it. Like I said you and me are from different sides of the tracks.

    In closing Asus chose this course of action and I chose mine. And I never bought a Razor phone didn't like the shape and functionality of it.

    Cheers. :)

  • Sr, you can sell u phone to abroad country, ect india. They still have 4G.

  • I thought about it, but there doesn't seem to be any interest in other countries for the ROG phone. It seems that the newer ROG phones are fairing better in the resell market than the original ROG phone. Unless there is a "collector" of antique phones?!? Lol.

  • It is great that the source code is available, but it doesn't relieve Asus from it's responsibility to support the ROG phone tho IMO. Plus, the source code doesn't have what is needed to turn on VoLTE or VoWIFI which is required in the U.S. for the ROG phone to worked under the new system requirements in 2022 on AT&T and T-Mobile. Only Asus can turn on the ability to use said features on the ROG phone. Otherwise this phone is a "brick" in 2022.

  • Oh dang, then there is no real reason as to why we don't have upgraded OS. Guess it's simply due to no interest or people never realized that there is sourcecode to play with.

  • That's simply wrong. Since we have the sourcecode for the kernel there is no reason for developers to not be able to port another android on it. Heck if you had a developer that was interested in a project like that you could have android 12 on the OG rog.

  • Yes, a custom ROM could be done that much is evident. But, Asus must update the phone's firmware to support VoLTE and/or VoWIFI in the U.S. something one can not do with the source code apparently from a simple search there are some hacks to do this trick but it is only temporary in nature and flimsy at best.

    Being that some folks posted on how this hack can be done shows me Asus can save face and update the phone to work in the U.S. under the system guidelines with or without Android 12 in tow. Asus must have a large pool of employees now developing updates for the other ROG phones could develop an update for the original ROG. Question is doing it?

    Heck, Samsung is on a mission updating their older phones to work on the new standards for AT&T and T-Mobile customers. Hmmm.

  • Yeah, a custom Android 10, 11, 12 ROM on a bricked phone sounds interesting. If only the firmware was updated as well to enable VoLTE and/or VoWIFI would make the ROG work in the U.S. Hmmm.

  • What you wrote made 0 sense, it's clear you don't really know much about android development. That being said, seeing that there is literally no interest from the community to enable VoLTE and upgrade Android it's safe to say ASUS is right to not update anything, as far as the community goes, the device is uninteresting and dead. No point in ASUS spending time and ressources to please a handful of people.

  • Makes perfect sense, and yes I do know something about Android development. Even if any developer Asus or not were to develop a custom ROM from the source code would be useless unless the firmware was also updated to enable VoLTE on it. In the U.S. all phones must have VoLTE enabled to work on AT&T or T-Mobile. The OG ROG phone doesn't have VoLTE enabled for the U.S. market hence the reason of my posting and not to mention Asus abandoning the phone which is what I have been alluding to. Make sense now?

    Please research before saying something makes 0 sense. Thanks.

  • You still don't know what you're talking about.

    All it takes to add VoLTE is modifying your EFS partition and you need an Android ROM that supports VoLTE, then you're done, but your research skills aren't quite up to par as it seems.

    Also ASUS abandoning the phone is the only logical conclusion since even the community doesn't give a damn about the phone anyways.

    I suggest asking people who know what they're talking about if your post makes sense before posting here, thanks.

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