When will the next update be for the original ROG phone?

Being that 3g service is going the way of the dinosaur starting in January 2022 with AT&T. This phone will not work afterwards hence being only a 3 year old phone is sad. Can not get Android 11 even on this poor thing. Why has Asus abandoned their customers that bought it is beyond me.

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    A mod can close this thread as well. Sorry to see the response in my other thread.

    Bye Asus can't say you were not given a chance to keep a customer.

    All that was asked was to update the phone, and enable VoLTE one last time. You had updated the ROG 2 and up, but screwed those of us with the OG ROG.



  • Mine after got latest update for ROG 3 cannot detect ROG Srix Go 2.4 dongle and type c to 3.5mm jack.

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