ROG 3, the heat temperature during play game is increased since upgraded to Android 11

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus ROG 3
  2. Firmware Version: Android 11 ".185"
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: after upgraded to Android 11
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


I usually playing Genshin Impact with Android 10 and settings highest graphic at 30 fps only reach 40-44 degrees Celcius in the room without air conditioner

But after upgraded to Android 11 updated patch ".185", the heat is increased to 44-47 degrees celcius in the room without air conditioner. Anyone feel the same as I felt with ROG 3 Android 11 updated patch?

How to fix this issue? Or how to send this issue to ASUS so they can fix heat increased issue in Android 11 at next system update?

Thank you for the answer



  • You know the answer... the solution is downgrading to Android 10

    I've never moved from Android 10 and I'm happy

  • BPMBPM Level 3

    Sticking to Android 10 isn't really an "answer", as you're going to be stuck with an older security patch and such... But hey, I'm not your dad/mom/legal guardian/whatever, so do as you wish.

    I will agree, though, that it seems the phone does run warmer ever since the Android 11 upgrade. While I've never measured it, it certainly feels that way.

  • And where is the point to upgrade ? If it's heating more it eats battery more! I keep saying this all the time!

    Went back to 10 and not thinking about 11 at all!

  • You did install the cooler that came with the phone, right?

  • A555A555 Level 1

    How to downgrade to Android 10???

  • I never had an overheating issue with the .185 update, however I had a throttling issue. It didn't matter what temperature my phone was at, it still throttled like crazy. I decided to roll back to .182 and everything works fine for me.

  • It's not about overheating sir, I just feel the temperature is increased and throttling issue is increased too since upgraded to A11 .182

  • Sorry, I mean .185

    I already downgraded to A10 latest patch and the issues are fix. This is prove that A11 on rog 3 is not "upgrade" for gamer user. I recommend for other user like me to stay on A10 for gaming experience purpose

  • Android 11 runs more smooth than Android 10 and thermals are identical. Have tested this, anyone else claiming something else has some sort of issue where applications keep spamming for permissions they don't get or did have a bad upgrade from A10 to A11.

    Check applications that drain battery and re-enable the permissions the apps use.

  • I just shared my gaming experience with A11 in my post. I want to know if there's rog 3 user felt same as my experience. I updated my system through FOTA. Now I already downgraded to A10, I feel the issues is already gone. So in my experience A11 is not "upgrade" for gaming experience with ROG Phone 3

  • I suggest you read my post properly before replying.

  • Also suggesting people to stay in an outdated version with security vulnurabilities which on top performs worse just because you don't know how to properly debug things is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've read in a while.

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    Oh come on there are many people still using android 8 phones, security issues are in your mind

    What we notice is battery drain and temperature, and Android 11 is a downgrade on this side

    Plus, the major bugs weren't fixed by Android 11, and won't be fixed by Android 12 too I bet

  • Please stop spreading your nonsense. Just because you don't have a lick of a clue how software works doesn't mean you need to tell people to expose themselves to hackers. Join the flat earthers and believe whatever you want but don't spread your nonsense to human beings with a functioning brain, thanks.

  • If your battery consumption is more valuable than your system or personal data..its okay to stick around A10. I am not saying A10 is not at all secure anymore. But recently a lot of Vulnerability came into notice. Even couple of days back Windows and Chrome faced a high severity vulnerability.

  • Correct. The issue isnt vulnurabilities but if you find serious ones. The ones present in the a10 kernel are easy to exploit and the user will never know. They might be feesing their personal data and even bank information to random people. Even their fingerprint and faceid print are easy to take. The vulnurabilities in asus a10 kernel are very serious

  • Я так-же шитаю что А10 в данный момент лучшая поошивка

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    Not saying the safety issues don't exist, just saying the probability you get hacked just because you use android 10 instead of 11 is extremely low, definetly increased battery drain is a bigger issue for users.

    Android 10 is still probably more safe than Windows then.

    And the apps we use for bank etc.. has multiple security systems -.-

    Also, Google steals my personal data everyday so Android 10 is playing a small part here lol

  • No, the probability to get hacked is decently high. What isnt the issue here is outdated android, the issue here is the fact that ASUS has stopped updating drivers and security patches in A10 where 2 extremely important vulnurabilties have been discovered:

    - CVE-2020-11225

    - CVE-2020-11167

    These 2 allow the hacker not only to relatively easily access your device, but literally take full control taking everything. Not just some random data miner but literally gaining access to your bank accounts and identity which makes it absolutely worth it. We are not talking about any very situational exploit that the user needs physical access or is almost impossible to implement while being able to maybe read 1 line of SMS text, which usually the case hence you shrug it off as it's no big deal, however these 2 vulnurabilties are relatively easy to do, are remote and give the hacker kernel level access to your phone, meaning they have access to everything.

    Rog Android 10 is extremely unsafe.

    Security systems mean nothing because the hacker has your literal identity, they have your phone number, fingerpring, faceID and whatnot. They don't need to cirumvent security systems because they simply login as you or simply get an alert when you login yourself to gain access to your account as they will have the access token given to you buy your own bank account. You seem to be under the impression that they just keylog your logins or something, which is grossly underestimating what access you give people by having those exploits in your Phone.

    Google taking anonymised data and making it comparible to giving a guy your literal identity and access to literally everything you have, is simply showcasing your utter ignorance on the matter.

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