Sim slot and finger print lock not working

AnkitParabAnkitParab Level 1
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Sim slot and finger print lock is not working from yesterday. At that time i am not at home so i can't contact or call anyone. What is this issue i am tired of using this phone.all time some new problem is comming out.last time the wifi n net is not working suddenly the phone motherboard issue


  • Hi @AnkitParab

    1.Please could you confirm your firmware version? Did you encounter it after upgrading firmware or did you changed sim card?

    2.Does this issue with Sim slot happen on both sim slots?

    3.Also try test your fingerprint sensor, check as well that there isn't any dust and that is set in the right direction.

    If the fingerprint sensor does not work either, try a Sim test and sensor test by going to the calculator type in .12345+ = Do single test for SIM and Sensor

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