An Issue with bluetooth earbuds

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Hello, I have recently bought bluetooth earbuds (Huawei Freebuds 4i) and they work perfectly fine on all of my devices (previous phone, laptop etc) but once I pair these with my new Zenfone 8 they sound bad, distorted. High tones sound like candy wrap foil and every now and then theres an annoying "beep" kind of sound.... I have sent them to the manufacturer for a repair, tested on other devices and its just Zenfone 8.

I tried the factory settings reset on both earbuds and phone. Its still the same. I am really disappointed since listening to music is 70% of all my phone purposes.

Any ideas?


  • I bought a Nokia BH-805 and the specifications indicate that they support audio formats

    SBC, AAC . But the sound during playback plays only in SBC and with some shade. I turned on developer mode and found the item of these audio formats in the Bluetooth section and changed SBC to AAC. And there I turned on HD audio. And now everything is reproduced without problems. Yes, and the HD audio item appeared in the device settings.

  • KhubaKhuba Level 1

    Oh-my-god!!!! I was ready to sell my earbus! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.

    I would have never realised that there is something called "Developer mode" and SBC/AAC audio format.

    Changing to AAC fixed the issue.

    You made my day, I apreciate your help so so so much!

  • Thanks. Be careful with other items in developer mode.

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