Does anyone knows what happened after the last update?

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My phone's battery drains more than double the usual. I have to mention that the phone is only 2 months old.

Some apps keeps crashing.

For ex: I go on TikTok,stay for a couple of seconds and after I exit. Then, if I enter the app again it will crash continuously until I uninstall and install the app again (and again,and again) and so on.

Can someone please help with some answers?

Many thanks to the community 🙏🏽

RE: I get random messages on my screen that lasts for half a second and then disappear without any information.


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    Just found this post through Google and wanted to add I've had the same issue with my rog phone 5. Only with TikTok at the moment though and I've found clearing the app storage works as well rather than a full uninstall but once the app has been closed it won't open again without crashing. I've also tried installing older versions of TikTok with apks and it still crashes so seems to be something on the phone side rather than the TikTok app side.

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    Yes, I have exactly the same issue. Is Asus aware of this?

  • I have the same problem since last week. Tiktok doesn't work anymore. It only works once after unistalling or clearing the storage then nothing. Can someone from asus acknowledge us? It's very frustrating.

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