VoLTE Malaysia

Did Asus had make any effort on VoLTE for Malaysia? seem currently all the telco was shutting down 3G. Even 4G for Malaysia not all of the location had been cover it. Is it will effect when the location not in 4G coverage and had full bar of signal but still can't connect data? if would like that, I will prefer grab a new phone as my main phone, rog just keep for gaming. 🙁


  • My asus ZenFone 5z didn't get any features @ settings for VoLTE???? Why????????

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    I read that only Asus only supports Maxis in Malaysia where VoLTE is concerned. Very upset that Asus does not support VoLTE for other providers in Malaysia. I'm on Digi and Asus and Digi both refuses to open volte on my phone.

    For those who are asking me to switch to Maxis and get over it, no. I will not put money in the hands of the corrupt government crony Ananda Krishnan. I will not pay Maxis' exorbitant data and call rates (their rates are the highest in Malaysia, period). I will not support the company whose sister company is practically the satellite TV monopoly in the country.

  • Ah, i see .... im also using DiGi too. Hmmm the only support is maxis but maxis plan too pricy. anyway thanks for the info too.

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