Bugs to be fixed and some necessary features to be added.

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Am listing down the problems to be fixed and features to be added for users simplicity.

Am on latest firmware i.e .190 (A11)

  1. X mode settings in armoury crate doesnt apply to games.(discussion on it is in this post - https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/56271/review-on-a11#latest) Also make sure about this issue which existed on a10 doesnt happen on a11 too (https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/54556/x-mode-settings#latest)
  2. feature to select and delete multiple contacts.
  3. feature to turn led light to green when battery is charged to the limit set by user. for example if i set charge limit at 80% then when my phone charges to 80% the led should turn green notifing the user that phone is charged. the current led stays at red and i get confused lots of time thinking that my phone is still charging and leaving it for a while.
  4. Virus defination update option in "privacy and security" . Since the option is not there yet, does that mean we dont have an antivirus protection now? bcuz i couldnt find anywhere about avast antivirus being mentioned in privacy and security.
  5. Surfing Chrome is both smooth and jittery sometimes. Idk whats the problem. It runs smooth at interface but jitters on some web links while scrolling.
  6. Option to create new blank window on homescreen. Also there is an option to change font color at home screen but there isnt any option available to set it for all apps/app drawer
  7. Option to hide "battery saving mode turned on" notification and "charging limit set" notification in notification panel. A small icon on status bar is sufficient to notify user about it.
  8. Ghost Touch appears out of blue. It doesnt occur frequently, but its there. (Am damn sure my hands were dry and clean when it happened). The only solution that works for me is locking and unlocking my phone. After doing this, ghosttouch issue disappears instantly and appears who knows when. This ghosttouch issue is being on rog firmware since a9. And am disappointed to know that its still not fixed. Its impossible to record it bcuz screen gets unresponsive when it happens. I have even logged my phone when it happened on a9 and submitted it. But its still there, way back from a9 to a11.
  9. Themes are not system wide applied or end to end. Am sure @ARP_ASUS noted it. But what i want to know is even if u fix it, will it really apply on system apps and system hints which still displays in orange theme? despite of any theme chosen??? for example mobile manager app and autostrt manager>Notice still displays in orange color

Thats it. Everything is working perfect for me.

Thanks for buttery smooth A11.


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    I am too facing the ghost touch issues, I have done factory reset once because of this and its still there.

    Most troublesome is during the call due to ghost touch the mode switches from headset to bluetooth or speaker mode.

  • good work. but does this happen only during calls for u?

    it doesnt happen to me during calls but rather when am on homescreen or while surfing internet.

    my issue isnt constant ghost tapping at 1 place on screen but rather weird than that.

    like if i try to tap on apps the apps dont open but the notification panel comes down or if i try to slide up to open app drawer then the screen simply slides from left to right or viceversa. if i slide screen left or right an app on screen gets opened automatically. and when i try to drag down notification panel to record the issue, the panel just wont come down but instead opens up app drawer....meh

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