Which Flow X13 sold in Germany allow charging through the right USB-C Port?

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  1. System: Flow X13
  2. Model: GV301QC-K6133T


Detailed description:

I bought Flow X13, model: GV301QC-K6133T and is not possible to charge the laptop through the right USB-C port. I looked on the internet and according to a reddit post the Germany models doesn't have pd charging on the right usb c.

I can't post any links but you can search for following post: charging_the_flow_x13_through_the_right_usbc_port

Is that correct? or I need to buy a different model to get charging through the right USB-C port?


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    Hi there,

    All other SKU other than the Germany ones.

    I would like to remind you to be careful about the warranty. If you bought it from another country, it is possible that it can not be repaired in your resident country.

    Thank you.


  • Hi there,

    For Germany SKU, Type C port on the right side does not support charging.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Which SKU do support charging on the right side?

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