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I cannot seem to get any notification counts to work for e-mail apps on ZenFone 8. Has anyone else managed and any suggestions to get it working?

The image below shows three apps I have tried (Gmail, Outlook and BlueMail). All three apps have the same email account set up on them with 2 unread emails (as shown by the BlueMail Widget).

Gmail and Outlook show in the list of unread counts in the home screen settings, and I have activated both of them and allowed the relevant access to notifications for Gmail but I still get no unread counts.

Note: I'm not happy with the BlueMail widget as it is a different size and font and will not stick to the quick shortcuts at the bottom of the home screen. I'm also not happy with notification counts or notification dots - I want to know how many unread emails I have on the icon.

I have also tried another loader (NovaLauncher) which no longer supports unread counts.

Any suggestions?


  • if your on android 12, for it to work on outlook you need to enable the following

    1. go to home screen preferences and enable app icon badges to show notification counter
  • Thanks redavenger99 

    I already have activated Gmail and Outlook via this setting, and have allowed the relevant access to notifications for Gmail. BlueMail is not listed so presumably is not supported.

    Worth also saying that all other apps work (Messages, Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook) and give the correct count, but its just Outlook and Gmail that do not give any unread count.

  • Hi @themonkeys

    1.Are you on the latest firmware version 31.1004.0404.73

    2.Could you clear cache on both apps and see if the issue resolves?

    Let me know if still having that same issue.


  • I have cleared the cache, but it didn't help.

    As for firmware version I do not have the one indicated (mine is but the phone says I am on the latest version and does not offer me any further updates.

  • i use outlook and have no issues showing total email count...and not the "unread count"

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