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Before my zenfone go to repair it had results of about 720k in antutu, now about a month after repair it cannot break the 600k barrier, I have been testing for about 2 weeks on different settings and all the time similar results within 550k - sometimes a little more other times again less. I am worried because this is a big difference and wondering if this is a software. Can someone scan their zenfone and upload results?


  • The .65 update messed up CPU frequencies, if you are on that firmware, you could try to update to .72 and test again

  • After update everything is back to normal and even better than it was.

  • I'm getting a result of around 550,000 with this new Android 12 release.

    Can any one else confirm if you have updated to Android 12.

  • On my Z8 with A12 it better than on A11.

  • nice result...what is setup /settings on your phone?

  • Here it's better then A11, but on geekbenchmark the maximum I've get on multicore on A12 is 3590, A11 it reach's 3680 multi core.

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