Google Tap to Translate is constantly reset

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Every 12 hours to 24 hours when I click tap to translate the configuration modal randomly pops up as if the configuration is reset. It really annoys me. It's expected that after I close those modal they will never come back unless I clear the data.

What I have done:

Enable auto restart for google translate

Disable background app management & adaptive battery



  • Hi @gamifidcation

    Here are some trouble shooting steps:

    1.I would suggest to clear cache both in google translate app and system wide.

    2.Also reset app preferences.

    3.If continue you can Unistall/reinstall app

    Let me know if that solves your issue

  • @Irene2_ASUS It seems I solved it by applying these combination config: enabling auto restart for google translate, disabling background app management & adaptive battery.

    And also it could be solved by the latest firmware update (.72) or when I reboot the device.

  • Hi @gamifidcation

    Great to hear that is now working :)

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