ASUS cannot repair the Vivobook Pro 15 under warranty! All spare parts are defective.

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Hello community! I want to share my experience with those who are just going to buy a laptop from this company and with those who have already bought it.

I bought a laptop for almost 1500 euros, this is Vivobook Pro 15 OLED with a 3050 RTX and an 11th generation Intel i5 processor.

A laptop is needed for work, and for a long time I was choosing between a MacBook Pro with M1, which is cheaper, and this laptop. Why ASUS? I just liked the design, I was told that they have a global guarantee, like Apple, and I move often, so this is important to me.

So I figured it out and realized that Windows is convenient, so I need to take ASUS, because this is a well-known company and in case of any problems they will quickly fix it. They must have debugged business processes, especially for a PRO series laptop, a kind of competitor for Apple.

Let me remind you once again that the price of the laptop is almost 1500 euros.

Within a couple days, the laptop began to throttle (slow down) and shut down. I realized that something was wrong, I tried to reinstall Windows (lol), but this of course did not lead to anything.

I ran tests, looked at the numbers and saw very strong overheating.

At that moment I was in Georgia (I bought it there) and decided to take the laptop to a service center.

At the service center, I met a guy with the same laptop (but of a cheaper configuration) and with the same problem. But his laptop had already burned out, and I did not bring it to that.

Having learned that the details would go on for 3 weeks in Georgia, I was forced to refuse, because in a week I am leaving Georgia and moving to Lithuania (where I am a resident).

I moved and the next day I went to the service center.

The service center tried to refuse me repair, saying that the laptop was bought in Georgia, so this is impossible, but after 20 minutes of clarification, they confirmed to me that the laptop can be repaired under warranty.

They asked me for a cashier's check (lol), and said that without it, it was impossible to fix the laptop under warranty. For you to understand, Apple's warranty works without any cashier's checks.

Fortunately, I had the cashier's check, they scanned it and returned it.

Now the details: When I took out a brand new, almost unused laptop at the service center, I saw paint chips on the corners of the top cover! Once again, I almost never used a laptop, I didn’t leave the house with it, and it was just lying down and got defects in the corners. Does it cost 1500 euros? Lol.

Now let's get back to the repair. The next day I received a message that the laptop parts had been ordered. A week later, I received a message that the details had arrived. And the next day, a message that the parts have been ordered again. This confused me, but I thought it was an operator error or something. Another week passed and I received a message that the parts had arrived again. And on the same day, a message that the parts were ORDERED AGAIN. LOL.

At this point, I decided to contact the service center so that they could explain what was happening. They said they ordered parts TWICE and TWICE it came defective. That is, at their factory, the entire batch is defective, and apparently until service center try ALL these defective parts, I will not get the laptop back in working order.

How long can it take? A year, two? Will they give laptop back to me "repaired" and will it break again?

We have to find out the answer to all these questions, but now I am tormented by the question - do they compensate something for this? I think not, because their support does not work, the entire batch of top-end laptops is defective and they are in no hurry to solve this.

Now imagine. If their laptop loses paint from the fact that it just lies in place, then in what form will it be after repair? I'm sure the whole body will be scratched.

Would you enjoy using a laptop that's already overheated, scratched, and repaired 10 times? You get it for 1500 euros, friends.

Now I am waiting for a response from their "support service" and use the MacBook Pro on the M1. Therefore, if you do not have the money to buy 2 laptops, and you choose a laptop for work, I advise you to read my review and decide for yourself.

I will try to supplement this thread by solving this issue.



  • Hi there,

    Please check your PM.

    Thank you.

  • The maximum measured temperature was 92 C (198 F)

    The maximum measured CPU throttling was 100%

  • Hi there,

    Please kindly provide more information that I have been asking in the PM.

    If only judging by this screenshot, the laptop is not overheat.

    92C has not reach the limit.

    Thank you.

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    I know that 92 degrees is not the extreme temperature. The problem is that there is a throttling of the processor, the system freezes and the laptop is critically turned off.

    92 degrees, most likely - this is what the program manages to record before stopping the system and superthrottling.

    Do you know what throttling is? The laptop freezes. Freezes everything - sound, image. So the fact that it is 100% is critically bad and it is a defective processor.

    This happens a minute after the load something. For example, when opening games or when opening Windows settings (lol).

    I answered in PM.

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