Asus Zenbook U425J with 3 External monitors using USB3 Dock Station

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Detailed description:I have a Zmuipng dual monitor docking station and I want to connect 3 external monitors to my laptop with following configuration of 4 total displays:

1 internal LCD to laptop

2 external monitor directly to HDMI port on laptop,

3 external monitor to HDMI port on USB3 docking station

4 external monitor to VGA port on USB3 docking station

Is there a configuration or external docking station I can buy that supports 4 total displays?


  • Hi there,

    Can I double confirm your model ? is it UX425JA?

    Thank you.

  • Yes. My model is UX425J with Intel i5-1035G1 8 Core CPU

  • IT is now not working for 2 external displays but Only 1 external display. NOt sure why. When I attached the 2nd external monitor, the laptop LCD goes dark, never to return, until I disconnect the 2nd external monitor. I keep rebooting and trying different ways to boot with or without both external monitors either attached or not and it does not help.

  • Hi Tony,

    This model support exporting display output from HDMI+ Type C Thunderbolt at the same time.

    But I am not sure if one Type C port can handle 2 monitor at the same time, since the power supply might not be enough.

    Thank you.

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