ZenFone-DRWZenFone-DRW Level 1
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Good day, Moderators & Software Developers

Please work on camera improvements 
-Eis option
-Night mode
-Improve Camera softwre app performance 

Please upgrade software / update 9.0 OS


  • PinkyPinky Level 1
    i hope they fix the front camera over exposure. 

  • ZenFone-DRWZenFone-DRW Level 1
    edited July 2019
    Already updated to Android 9.0 and the camera version was change also. But as i observe and review the performance of the camera, it gets worst. A lot of bugs and need to improve on camera software. I dont know if ASUS care about it. If they have a major plan to upgrade the software. It's been a year that the camera has a problem / issue , but as i see. There's no major improvements on the performance. Hey ASUS. Any update? Any plans? Please acknowledge, #ASUS #ASUSDEVELOPER
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