How to exclude apps from PowerMaster?

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I think I asked this already but can't find the previous topic.

PowerMaster notifies me that there are power-hungry apps, but in this case it's the music app. I would like to exclude certain apps from the detection or perhaps suggest that the detection is managed in a smarter way.


  • I'd also like to know how to exclude an app, AccuBattery?

  • You go on any app settings from app menu and slide till battery management... You set it whatever you want.

  • Thank you @Vasile Corneliu, very much appreciated, my AccuBattery issue appears to be resolved 👍️😊

  • Dang, spoke too soon. After about 3 days of not doing so it decides to tell me AccuBattery is a battery-draining app.

    Ah well

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