Huion Graphics Tablet not working anytime- both tablet and usb port are okay.

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  1. System: Windows 11, Pop OS 21.04 (Dual boot)
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: ASUS TUF Dash F15 FX516PE_FX516
  4. Frequency of occurrence: every time, always
  5. Reset OS: linux one twice, Windows upgraded to 11 from 10
  6. Screenshot or video: attached


Detailed description:

I have a graphics tablet- Huion H640P. I can use it without any issues on my android device, and tested it on two other machines- a desktop with Windows 10, and a laptop with Linux Mint (latest). The laptop is HP G7. It works on every places without any issues.

But it does not work on my ASUS device- no matter which OS I use.

I connect the tablet to my laptop, the light on the tablet goes on, and then turns off by itself. And the device is not once recognized.

I tried many fixes both on Windows and Pop, and I cannot get the tablet to work with the laptop.

All the USB ports are fine and are working without any issues.

I have tried-

  1. Uninstalling and installing the USB drivers manually in Windows.
  2. Shutting down, keeping the laptop off for a few minutes, then turning on with the tablet plugged in in Linux, in case if it's a power issue.
  3. Fiddling with auto-suspension settings on usbcore on /etc/modprobe.d folder.

Nothing ever worked, the tablet does not work with my ASUS laptop and that's it.

Windows 11 has the Huion drivers installed, and the Linux has open source drivers installed. With these installed in other machines, the tablet works.

I want it very badly for the tablet to work with my new laptop.😓



  • video is attached here

  • Hi there,

    Which port on the laptop did you connect the laptop to? Type A or Type C port?

    And can you check if your laptop is set to power saving mode or the USB port has turned on the power saving mechnism?

    Thank you.

  • Which port on the laptop did you connect the laptop to? Type A or Type C port?

    I have only one type of cable provided with the tablet- type A. I used this for connecting.

    And can you check if your laptop is set to power saving mode or the USB port has turned on the power saving mechnism?

    No, when I plugged into the laptop while it was running Linux, it was not being run on power saving option.

    I will check whether plugging into the USB turns on any power saving mechanism.

  • Hi, I just checked whether the plugging in the tablet triggers any power-saving mode. It does not.

    I am still unable to use my tablet with my laptop. Please find a solution as soon as you can.

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    Hi @Blake_ASUS , any updates? I need my graphics tablet badly.

    I would even consider buying a new tablet from an E-comm site, but they do not offer Returns for graphics tablet. So, I am not sure, even buying a new tablet will solve my problems.

    As I don't know whether it will work with my laptop.

    Please help me use my existing tablet with my laptop.

  • Hi there,

    This is somehow a compatibility issue that we are not able to help much.

    You can consider to check on the setting in device manager, please refer to below picture.

    or try another cable.

    If still not working, you might need to contact Huion for this.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you.

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    I contacted Huion first, and they were not able to help. They just said, "you can't have multiple OSs". And inferred that my dual boot is causing this. The person did not seem much technical either. All they said was to download the latest driver which I already had.

    I will try what you are suggesting when I am logged into Windows 11.

    Can you provide me the information if any other graphics tablet of the same length will work with it? Especially if it is from XP-Pen or Wacom? Then I can buy that.

    I can buy a new tablet without any problems, but I am not doing so because the new one might face the same problem, and my money will be wasted since Amazon or Flipkart does not have a return policy for those products.

    If you can give me even one solid example of a tablet working with my specific model of laptop, I will buy that and consider my problem solved.

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