ASUS Zen Wifi AX question(s)

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Apologies if this isn't the right place for this, but I don't know where else to ask!

I want to set up a new mesh wifi on my home network, BUT I also need to keep my existing router (and DHCP server). All the Asus setup instructions seem to assume you'll be using THEIR kit as the router

I also ONLY want the mesh wifi - the existing router wifi is turned OFF

I have a WIRED network already around the house, so I am ASSUMING I can use the Zen Wifi "Access Point Mode" to deliver my mesh wifi, but the instructions are brief to the point of being useless!

WHICH port on the XT8 do I use to attach to my LAN?

I assume I MUST configure the XT8 to Access Point Mode before I even try attaching it to the network??

And if I do this with two XT8 nodes, I will get my desired mesh wifi???

I've also tried to ask Asus this question directly, but I am still waiting for an answer.....

Thanks all

Phil G


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