Mobile Desktop Dock Vs Professional Dock

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Hi, i'm wondering is there any differences between mobile desktop dock and professional dock? Can professional dock runs games and videos on 60fps like Mobile desktop dock?

What makes mobile desktop dock more expensive than professional dock?


  • Mobile desktop dock is used if u share same monitor with ur pc, and u can share same mouse+keyboard or any peripheral attached on desktop dock too..

    Performance is same, both can runs 60fps..

    N what make them more special is they support keymapping from game genie..

    So we can map our keyboard+mouse with it, no need for 3rd party app to mapping..

    Its exclusive only on asus's docks, no other 3rd party dock support it..

    Desktop dock is more expensive because as i said before, u can share same monitor+peripheral with ur pc n phone..

    It has much more port than professional dock..

    Ah, it has built in fan too, but kinda noisy at full speed tho..

    Maybe this will help

    Meanwhile professional dock is just like any ordinary usb c docking station..

    It only has 1 x hdmi, 1 x rj45, 2 x usb a, 1 x usb c..

    U use it for mobility because its compact, not like desktop dock which is heavy n bulky..

  • Do they work for rog 5 and other andorid smartphones?

  • Only professional dock work with rog 5 n other android phone, because it use ordinary type c unlike dekstop dock..

    Sadly asus change side port for rog 5, which make it not supported for old twinview n desktop dock..

    My major reason why i cant / wont upgrade my rog 3 to rog 5..


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