30w hyper charge-steady charge

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l turned on "steady charge" but my zenfone 8 still charges in 30w hyper charge.l don`t want quick charge. l want slow charge.is there anything wrong with it?(l use original charger)


  • Hi @mustafatiryakioglu

    1.Do you pair steady charge with scheduled charging?

    2.Do you get the notifications for steady charging and/or scheduled charging when you connect your device to the charger?

    3.You can try clearing the cache of the PowerMaster app and reboot your device, then try again.

    Go to system settings -> apps & notifications -> see all apps -> press show system in top right corner -> search power master - Storage & cache -> clear storage . Then reboot your device.

  • ...or turn on ultra steady , because steady charging limits only to 18W and ultra steady to 10W(9W when 18w charger plugged in) ... when i have time, i use 5w charger....

  • Many thanks, I will try

  • I tried. Cleared cache. But when charging at the bottom of the screen always appears 30w hyper charge.

  • You have to check option for using steady charging outside schedule

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