Rog phone 5 16gb ram stopped working

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1. Rog phone 5 16gb ram

2. Latest firmware

3. No root

I was playing COD Mobile and the phone simply died.

The battery was over 70 %

The phone is charging but it wont boot.

The phone is 2 month old. So this is a big issue.

Befoure asus i had a s10 plus and never had an issue with that phone.

the service in my Country is DEPANERO. I had a lot of issues with that firm

In the past i give them another phone an LG G3 and they said that i rooted that phone and voided my warranty. The phone was new and never rooted but after their last update the phone was depleting the battery very fast and was heating up. I hope i wont have that problem again.

So if anyone knows a fix, to how to start the phone without void the warranty. Please let me know. I do not want to go to trouble again



  • Hi @freakaleo

    Sorry to hear that, if your device is unresponsive we recommend you to visit your nearest ASUS Service Center and have them to take a look at it.

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