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  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Model: Zenbook Duo UX482E


Detailed description- Hi owners of UX482 and UX582! I have a UX482EA, and was thinking of upgrading to Windows 11. If anyone here has upgraded, could you please share your experience? I will have my university examinations beginning shortly, and would not have time to downgrade if the installation is buggy and I should wait for the official rollout.

In particular, I was looking for-

  1. Whether the battery backup has reduced after installing Windows 11?
  2. Whether all features of the Screenpad plus, including the physical keyboard hotkeys, are working flawlessly in Windows 11?
  3. Whether there is any positive or negative impact on RAM Management and performance, since the installation?

I'll be really grateful, if you could answer even one of the three questions. Thank you so much!


  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2
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    Hi @vanajvidyan

    The only impact I detected was a slow file explorer, that hangs from time to time around 3 or 4 seconds.

    This is a known issue of Windows 11 since it's developer version. It is reported also that the writing speed, not the reading speed, on NVMe SSD's is much slower than in Windows 10, check it here:

    Our system, UX482, has an NVMe SSD so I'm assuming that file explorer hangs because of that.

    It has been also reported that KB5007262 addresses this issue but I didn't receive this update yet, and don't want to install it without receiving it directly from Windows update. Check here:

    Apart from this everything works great, and all your questions have positive feedback from my side. I use my laptop, heavily on a daily basis in my masters degree,with lots of heavy specialized software like PSIM, MATLAB, Adobe tools, etc and don't have any issues apart from what was told before.

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    I upgraded my UX582 i9 when W11 was first introduced. I'm not doing the Insider Program.

    My battery usage is about the same.

    ScreenPad Plus is problem free.

    RAM management and performance is about the same.

    I've had no problems with Windows 11.

    I use Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation, Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve Studio, and Microsoft Visual Studio. I subscribe to Microsoft 365. All data is kept in Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Thank you so much for your reply, @TraderGary! It's quite helpful, and I would be going ahead with the upgrade then :)

  • Hi @MotoWiZ, thanks for this very detailed and comprehensive answer! I really appreciate you providing the links to the latest updates on the bug.

    Going by your experience, I cannot wait to install Windows 11 and enjoy the fresh UI. Thank you so much!

  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2
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    Hi all,

    I managed to solve the problem in File Explorer and windows 11 (not solve but go round it).

    Just go to File Explorer options and disable (uncheck) the options:

    1 - Show recent files in quick access;

    2 - Show recent folders in quick access;

    And also when renaming files, instead of pressing Enter after renaming, just press tab...

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