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Hello everybody,

I have ASUS GL502VMK Gaming laptop. I was having some issues with my laptop. I gave my laptop to a technician for repair. But when he returned my laptop to me i saw that one of the 2 slots (one of processor,one of graphic card) was empty. I asked him why it was empty but he said that it is empty and there was nothing before. I know he has stolen my gpu. I just wanted to know that is it possible to take out the gpu chipset out? And if i have to buy a new one where can i buy and how? I had a GTX1060 3G in my laptop Kindly let me know. I would be thankful for this favour.




  • Hello Rayyan,

    Both CPU and GPU are onboard, so it is quite difficult to take it out.

    And they are not replace-able, we replace the whole motherboard if CPU and GPU has problem in our official service center.

    Can you share a picture of your motherboard first?

    Thank you.

  • Hello there,

    You guys asked for pics of motherboard. Here's the picture of the cpu and gpu after removing Heat Sinks. Kindly help me

  • Hello Rayyan,

    Yeah....the GPU is missing.

    Please kindly provide your product SN in the PM I send you.

    And we will discuss more in the PM too.

    Thank you.

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