Rog 6, finally a masterpiece on its way?

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New Snapdragon chip announced, phone manufacutrers jumping on the bandwagon to release their phones as quickly as possible.

but whats that? ASUS so quiet? Did ASUS finally learn that rushing a top of the line device isnt a good idea?

Well I'll be damned.

If the rog6 is anything like the ASUS SI you guys are going to get the best phone in 2021. I hope you get the same or better camera setup. No BS motion chip, no gimick audio chip, just finetuned qualcom stuff, less things to break, focus on cooling, maybe even, dare I say, physical triggers? :o

I sincerly hope you learned from your past mistakes and finally give yourself some time to actually beat the crap out of the competition. You already improved a lot in the software support department, if you now nail the hardware we got ourselves a winner.

really having high hopes for this one.


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    Shall i start thinking that by releasing this phone u will consider giving us the black crush fix?

    Or u think its way too early till every dude in the world threw that phone away in trash?(rog 3)

  • Ah also if ur rly giving it for trustworthy ppl in ur discord i shall prove my activeness there, gimme a way to join ur discord, iam not after money, iam after a pleasent feeling from this supposed first premium device i got in my whole life! If you are kind enough!

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