Bug Report

edited January 8 in ZenFone 8

Hello i'm beta tester of Asus

My device is: M5AIB760V643JRK

I have encounter this bug on Zen8 and Zen8 flip since by Zen6

The UI is good enough to be officially rolled out

The missing thing is the little bug in the app lock app. (privacy problem)

In few words, when you first open it's ok, if you put it in background and then you open it back again.. The app lock shows the contents of the locked app in the few seconds when it opens before the pin or the digital scanner for unlock.

This bug is persistent form the ZenFone 6... I hope this will be fixed.

There's a little lag on the home screen of WhatsApp. (Zenfone 8)

The Ui in Android 12 with 60hz and 90hz is a little bit laggy. (Zenfone 8)

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