My Display suddenly stopped working and is just shining random colors.

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Hi Guys,

if someone has experience, than I would be glad to be informed.

I still have 1 Year Garantee and also already filled up the RMA Documents.

The Problem:

I played my favorite Game right now and suddenly the Screen shows all colors over the place without any seeable things on the Display. The Display was also very very hot in this Moment.

I'm also using the original Asus Screen Protector, the Phone never felt anywhere down, and the Screen also has no scratches.

Is there a big chance that I get the Display replaced?

I'm just worried, because it's the Display where someone can also tell me that I'm lying, but I'm 100% honest right now and really hope to get it replaced.

I love this Phone and if you would see it, you would still think that it's brand new.

I'm just very very worried, because it's my first time that I didn't made a mistake and for sure: it must be the Display ><


  • Yeah same here,

    Yesterday I was playing Genshin Impact for a while, just like I mostly did.

    After some time the screen was just randomly flashing white and black, after a couple seconds later it went to pink and stopped working. It still can "sense" touches.

    So I also filled up the RMA and hope that the screen get's replaced, since it's only 1 year old and has guarantee.

  • Today the Display stays black, I also saw the time where I still got battery that the colors got darker and darker till everything turned to black. Today I received my RMA Label and I'm sending it also out today.

    By reading the RMA Mail, the phone will be repaired in Poland ( I'm from Germany ) within 10 Days, but I really really hope that even if the display is repairable in my 2 Year Warranty Time that it arrives back as it left me (from outside & inside).

    I'm really worried and will update my RMA Situation here with every new News that I get, but it's still really frustrating, because it even wasn't in any way an accident from my side and I hope I can get it really professionally repaired back before christmas.

    That would be really a shock and respect to Asus as a customer even more.

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to ask if you got some Feedback or is your phone still in repair ?

    I myself received my Repair Confirmation today and now it can take up to 10 Days.

    Hope everything goes well, it's my first time having a phone repaired in warranty or in a whole.

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