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Hello There,

I am Bhavik from Metalica Forging Inc. I need to buy a laptop for gaming purpose. Please provide some suggestions. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


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    we cannot give proper suggestions and we have not used all models laptops .

    firstly, list of all games those who like to play,

    then see the recommended specifications of the playing games, note down the processor model and graphics card.

    after that, all find the highest model processor and graphics card model indicated in games requirements

    then search the highest model processor and indicate the GPU card, that comes with model laptops with the highest rating battery power.

    make sure that that laptop should come with proper ventilation.

    make sure should that laptop should have proper online services at free of cost from the laptop manufacturer.

    make sure that the laptop manufacturer should give frequent updates and correct BIOS firmwares.

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