The same BUG again and again...

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System updates are still forced despite disabled option in update system settings. So, what that option do anyway?!

It feels like windows 10 - but you can disable automatic updates in windows with group policy editor...

I don't want to risk any updates while I'm away from home! Is that so hard to understand?

And spare me crappy arguments about "security" etc. I am technically aware enough to decide for myself.

If I'm forced to install updates it feels like i am some software tester - who should I call to receive a salary for that?



  • Totally agree, especially since the latest update causes problems with GPS.

  • Agreed. It's a Windows like anti-user practice.

    I've already opened a discussion a month ago about the same issue. Hopefully this one will gain more popularity and eventually Asus fix it.

  • Hi @pio_zen ,

    1.Just to confirm you have the following settings in -> System update settings> automatically download and install to "Do not allow".

    2.Also that Auto-update overnight is disabled

    And still with those settings your device is getting automatically update?

  • Both options disabled - other people reported that too in other threads.

    I hope there will be less issues with Android 12 and call recording will still be available (I still keep ZenFone 2 laser to have a phone with that feature :)

    PS. Snap 888 is crap, Asus made big mistake choosing it , 865 would be enough.

  • Yeah, everything set as it should be. I got 3 last updates like that - even with pressing "later" after some time it said something like "installed , reboot to complete"

  • kzmkzm Level 2

    Same issue - I select "Later" and few hours later it tells me to reboot....

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