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After installing Android 12 can you go back to Android 11?

I haven't tried Android 12 but I'm not sure I like it. I'm worried that old apk won't work. They are important apk for me.I'm very happy with Android 11.



  • I think it should be possible to just flash an old firmware, but I have not tested and I cannot confirm that this works. If you want to try android 12, I suggest you download Android studio on your PC and create a virtual phone with Android 12 on it. It will be very laggy but it can give an overall idea of what Android 12 feels.

  • Thanks.

    I have been confirmed in Asus that if you can go back to Android 11.I have installed Android 12 and all my apps and apks work.T

    here is only one function that has stopped working:A

    dvanced / Gestures / double tap to wake up screen.

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