DTS X ultra with new audiowizard support for zenfone 5z

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@CH_ASUS please provide thethe  DTS X ultra sound for zenfone 5z which is present in Zenfone 6. Since it is software based and zenfone 5z is capable of this DTS X ultra sound which will improve the audio performance for sure...

If I'm not wrong DTS X ULTRA is 5th gen of dts and DTS HEADPHONE X is 3rd gen offered by dts so we can get much better audio quality if we have DTS x ultra. 
Please asus if you can't provide zenui 7 update for 5z in upcoming days atleast provide this...


  • Audiowizard of zenfone 5z has stopped working after the last update, fix that first then send other updates
  • @lalit.sobhani  my audiowizard is working fine and sound quality is dope ow. must be some problem with your device. try re-configuring audiowizard.
  • @dpstar7582 i am in support of your idea. please make it happen @CH_ASUS . we want DTS X ultra and new Audiowizard in 5z via future updates.
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