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  1. System: Microsoft Windows 11 Home single language x64 bit
  2. Model: Asus Zenbook UX 435 EG
  3. Frequency of occurrence: USUALLY from day one


Detailed description: My battery drains really fast, it should stay 12 hours but it stay for 5 hours only when it's fully charged I bought my laptop few weeks ago I think battery is adapting but it's not true

I think it's a performance issue because this machine manufactured on 2020 which it means the battery in idle state for more than a year which makes the battery leak or damage

windows, BIOS, firmware, drivers, programs, APPS & ALL software is up to date.

Note: BIOS request no updates to download or install.


  • Hi there,

    There are quite some varieties that would affect the battery life, like what you said, been idle for a while...

    and CPU and GPU spec, OS(Win10/Win11), screen brightness, wifi signal, bluetooth, power setting in MyASUS and Windows.

    There are many thing you can try to adjust if the battery life can be improve or maintain.

    You can also run the battery report to see if the capacity did decline.

    Thank you.

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