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Today I had been changed sim cards and thereafter cellphone is not detecting any of sim card .


  • Immediately test your fingerprint sensor, if it's ok, try again with the old sim, check the cleanliness, the direction, the second sim slot, the correct placement on the support

    If the fingerprint sensor does not work either, Sim test and sensor with the calculator .12345+

  • Hi BHAGAT,

    Can you try the above mentioned steps and confirm.

  • Any news here? I noticed same problems problems (sometimes simcard stopped working and needed to restart my phone) a few weeks ago. Today the SIM slot 1 is definitely dead. I tried other Sim cards (working on slot 2). Clearing the cache, restarting the phone.. the system test with the calculator says that, of course, is not working.

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    Same happens to me since the beginning of december. Sometimes, after many tries of restarting, cache clearing etc etc, the SIM 1 is working again. But after I put the phone in airplane mode (as I do every night since the first android), at the morning only SIM 2 is working.

    Could the upgrade to A12 fix this annoying and huge (as I need 2 active sim cards) problem?

    (I'm on a Zenfone 8 but the problem is literally the same)

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