Blank Screen on Windows 11

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  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: TUF F15 FX506HCB
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Just 2 days ago I decided to upgrade my current OS, Windows 10 to Windows 11. The installation all progressing well and afterward the process run smoothly. And then I have few problems:

  1. Whenever my laptop on idle mode and the display dim out, it will return to blank screen with only the cursor appeared if I awake the display. The only workaround is uninstall Intel HD driver that I already updated from myAsus app and change the driver from Windows update. I'm currently at BIOS 309 even though new update is coming for BIOS 310, as I concern on Intel HD driver only. And the next problem using old driver is making my screen blur in colors if I minimize google Chrome, not with the other application.
  2. Wi-Fi can't automatically reconnect after restart, need twice to do that as the first attempt will disconnect the Wi-Fi.

Please any advice on this, thanks in advance


  • Hi there,

    Have you run the Windows update and make sure that all the Win 11 update are completed?

    Please kindly update BIOS 310 and see if the issue persisted.

    Thank you.

  • I did check all the Win 11 update and there's no more updates available. And yes thank you, I did update my BIOS to 310 few minutes ago and it seems the problems fixed right now. Let me check few hours more to confirm this issues.

    Thank you.

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