Can we still expect the Android 10 Stable Update

It's been so long that, we isn't got any stable version for Android 10.

Lot's of customers changed their device, or some are using Custom Roms, which are far reliable than your stock buggy android, there are lot of bugs posted by Asus Max Pro M1 User in Zentalk, but still seeing this post you tell me to Add some bugs list here. Just find the bugs yourself, which are posted in ZenTalk.

Shamefully, i was Discontinue Using ASUS phones, and never Recommend to someone, until he wants to buy the Rog Series Phones


  • Official software development team < custom Rom contributors.

    They won't even bother to read the zentalk forum again i guess

  • Hi, we understand the importance of it. We'd request you to kindly stay tuned to our channels for more information on the updates.

  • I know the reason to stay tuned with social media links bcz they wanted to show that they are giving updates only to flagship and Rog series.

  • So don't buy asus mid range phones buy only flagship smartphone and Rog series phone.

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