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Where is volte? 3g already gone in Malaysia. How long should i wait? This phone become a phone that couldnt make or receive phone call right now. Is there any goods to get A11 or even A12 when it is unable to do basic thing a phone should do.


  • Same goes to me.. maxis Malaysia user.. 3g has down.. I can't make / received call... Only using WhatsApp for people to reach me.. please asus activate volte for Malaysia telco

  • Just got A11..still no volte..maybe asus never plan to enable volte in malaysia even this phone is malaysia set..thats why moderators keep ingoring this issue..

  • It's a problem with Your Sim Card provider

    In india I'm using Volte when i bought my phone it's supported in build

    There a Jio Brand sim card in india

    Which didn't work calling without Volte

    So it was already updated


    Please Check Your IMS registered or not

    Its done from Sim card Provider

    If it's not done then ask Your Sim card provider

    I'm adding a video for how to check is it registered or not

  • Hi butter chicken, the problem is my telco support rog 3 & 5. Seems like Asus didn't bother about rog 2. My friend realme USD 150 phone that same year with my rog 2 support volte. Hurm.. iphone 6s also support volte .. I don't understand with Asus..

  • This is highly likely the problem with Sim card Providers

    Your phone must have global ROM

    That's the same Software Everyone using

    And everyone didn't get problem with volte

    If its specific region related

    Then that's must be Sim Card Providers problem

    Also check From above video

    Is Your IMS Registered or not

  • Already check and my sim not Registered. Been talk to my telco..they say Asus side need to update the software like the rog 3&5 for us to get the volte and vowifi... So Asus.. please update for the software on rog 2 for us. I love using the rog 2 phone.. but right now can't receive / make call .. hassle for me..

  • SekukSekuk Level 2

    Any comment from moderators?

  • SwarajSwaraj Level 3
    edited January 14

    VI supports vowifi too, i just checked on their website and its already available in my region. Why isnt it showing in rog 2??

    Also i have seperate old sims of vodafone and idea, which was way before they merged.

    i get volte on my 2nd sim (idea), but cannot get volte on vodafone which is my 1st sim??

    i have checked settings throughly and volte is enabled on both sim slots.

    But only sim 2 displays volte.

    UPDATE -- Contacted service center once again and asked them to disable and enable volte service on my number again and it worked.

    Now both of my sims displays Volte. Still i dont see option to enable vowifi in settings which is already made available in my region. :(

    Also i stumbled upon this one issue. idk if its normal or only happening on my device but can some using Vi confirm this?

    Whenever i try sending sms, the volte icon disappears and reappears again after few mins. This happens exactly 1 sec before i get flash message from vodafone regarding sms balance.

  • While sending text

    Vi switched to 3G

    That's why Volte disappeared

    Vi is not completely adapted 4G


    VoWifi is Removed when it was on Android 10

    VoWifi is no use its totally useless

    There's no improvement while calling

  • SwarajSwaraj Level 3

    Improvements in A11 have got back my confidence in rog 2 development once again.

    Am hoping they will make it stable and smooth just like A9 before their support for this device ends.

    Current update is smooth too, but there are lil improvements to be made like for example themes getting applied end to end etc.

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