No Volte in deutschland

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Ich möchte VolTe in deutschland haben


  • In Spain we do not have volte either. Asus please, implement it in more European countries.

  • Even countries with high number of Rog phone 3 sold have no volte. Chances at this point of anymore countries getting support is near zero.

  • Asus dont care about VoLTE anymore on this device... Many users already complaint about this... Time to switch the device if you need VoLTE

  • BPMBPM Level 3

    I probably can't go into details here, but there is a way to force enable VoLTE and VoWiFi without root. I've done so, and it persists even after rebooting (as ASUS hasn't officially added support for T-Mobile in the US).

    All I can say would be to search on Google/DuckDuckGo/whatever about setprop VoLTE.

    I can't walk you through it, and any changes are made at your own risk.

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