Motherboard issue

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Out of nowhere, fingerprint sensor in my phone just disappeared and sim slot 1 isn't working.!!!!

I've seen alot of users complained on this but never thought I would face this issue.

Update: did the factory reset but no help!

Attached the screenshot of test results.... Please help!!



  • Connector disconnected = service center

    Look at my answer in another thread for an identical issue

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    Thanks for your response.

    I did visit the service center yesterday. To my surprise, the representative saw my rog 5 and started explaining me(I didn'teven told my issue with phone) that the latest update received is not compatible with the motherboard.

    They asked me submit my phone and they gonna replace the motherboard.

    Worst part- this will take upto 3-4 weeks.

    Curious to know, is this really a motherboard issue?? If yes, how did Asus sold this wonderful product with faulty core component!!!

    Also, saw an update that Android 12 will be rolled out next quarter!! Wondering, how many issues we might face initially with that.

  • Hi dheeraj.g999,

    Apology for the experience. But, for now we are providing service to the customers who are facing Wifi/Hotspot issue post update. If you face any concern regarding service please share the same. I understand the wait time, but request you to please cooperate. The service team will try their best. Thanks.

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