spanish sim card with spanish internet plan and no internet in Belgium

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I am in belgium and have a spanish mobile plan. I bought Zenfone 8 13 days ago and realised that I have no internet with roaming activated. Same sim card works perfectly in another device so sim card is not the problem. I have tried everything, airplaine mode, restarting. Some apps like whatsapp do work, so I must have some internet flow in my device, but can't reproduce YT videos nor navigating the internet.

Is there any setting that will do the trick? Please help


  • Hi @bor.casado

    1.Make sure that you have roaming enabled.

    To enable data roaming you would normally go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> SIM1 or SIM2 (depending which you want data);

    Enable "Roaming" toggle.

    Please note this may incur data cost charges.

    2.Also make sure you are on the latest firmware update.

    3.Some users with this same issue have perform a reset and it has seem to solve it.( keep in mind to back up your data before factory reset)

    If after all this you keep encountering the same issue you should reach out to your phone operator to check if is something on their end

  • Hi @Irene2_ASUS

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, as I said in my first entry, I already spoke with my operator, I even tried the sim card in and older smartphone and I have 4g perfectly. I have restarted the Asus zenfone 8 many times, but still does not work. Could not be a factory problem? the smartphone is completely new...

  • Hi @bor.casado

    We are currently investigating this.

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