Chromebook questions related to VTT options

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I've been asked by our group many times over the last couple of years to run a star wars campaign. So this year for Christmas I'm giving out hard copies of the SW5E handbook to our group and thought I'd take a few months to get familiar with the system and look into what platform we might want to run on.

Background- My group has multiple DM's, and we run multiple campaigns in a rotation every week. We've been using AboveVTT integrated with and beyond. The group loves it, as it's a one-stop-shop for everything. Before that, we would just run on discord with the theater of the mind or toggle back and forth google drawings for a map/tokens. Now I might be the DM for this campaign, but there are two others that might want to run in this system too.

Well, I've spent the last few days looking at both Roll20 and Foundry. Looks like from the threads on here as well as some of the youtube videos I've seen, there is a trend to move away from roll20. So i gotta ask, how friendly is Foundry to people using Chromebooks? Two members use them exclusively. Are any of you running campaigns from a Chromebook on Foundry?

It looks like the character sheet export tool from the sw5e website uses firefox exclusively, and found the VTT enhancement suite does not work for 'firefox for android'. Are there any other clean ways for importing character sheets into Roll20? I watched Todd's video on creating character sheets on roll 20, and it seemed a little slow without a compendium. Also came into some roadblocks where betteR20-5etools seems to be dead and unavailable.

Sorry for the long post and newbie questions, this type of stuff is pretty new to me for setup. And I'm probably the most technically minded person in our group, so I'll need to walk through everything for the other DMs. Worst case scenario we just use roll20 for maps/tokens but sure would be nice if it was cleaner. If someone can verify no issues for chromebooks and foundry, that would be great too. Thanks.

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