Need Stylus for Chromebook Flip C214MAS

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System : Chromebook Flip C214MAS

This is a recurring issue. You've been asked this before, and I've not gotten a decent answer. I've spent quite a bit of time talking to Asus about this. Who has a stylus for this Chromebook??



We have had this Flip for a little over a year and my kid has lost the stylus. I tried several Wacom EMR styli and they do NOT work. There are apparently several different kind of Wacom screens and/or styli combinations on the market. None of the ones I tried worked well, and at $30 to 70 each, I am sick of buying them. And I am not alone, the kid's school is asking me to locate a supply.

And NOTE, the two Asus part numbers, as provided to another person who asked the same thing, are not available from anyone in the USA:


Part Number: 90NX0290-R90010, Price: $33

Part Number: 90NX0290-R90020, Price: $66

ASUS, can you ship me one? What is the difference between the $33.00 one and the $66.00 one? You sold these stupid things with a specific screen that needs a specific type stylus, why does one cost $30 more than the other??

If you can't ship us some of these, and since neither of these are available in the USA now, I need an alternative supply. Please me a specific name brand and part number for styli that you have tested and know will work with this computer!

The previous discussion on this subject was at (Because your stupid site would not allow me to post a link INSERT "HTTPS://" before):



  • We have the same problem in Romania, the model is C214MA-BW0095. Kids in our school are losing these stylus pens and the local resellers cannot offer us an alternative. Asus, please give us something!

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