How come 3rd party apps can't use the built in radio antenna?

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This is the only app I know that actually uses the FM radio antenna but it says it doesn't have access to the antenna.


I'd use the built in one but the icon won't show up in the default launcher.

I've been looking for custom launchers already since the default one doesn't have a horizontal mode but haven't found one I like yet.

So let me here your recommendations for custom launchers, Tasker, Termux or ways to add icons that launch hidden apps.



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    Alright found how to do it. I only wasted 4 hours.

    Install Termux and Termux:Widget

    Download an icon you want to use, 96x96 works good

    Launch Termux and run

    mkdir .shortcuts

    cd .shortcuts

    echo "am start -n com.asus.fmradio/.FMRadioUIv3" > "FM Radio"

    chmod 700 "FM Radio

    mkdir icons

    mv /data/data/com.termux/files/home/storage/shared/Download/YourIcon.png ~/.shortcuts/icons/"FM Radio.png"

    Return to the home screen and hold your thumb where there's no icons and tap Widgets. Scroll down to Termux:Widget and select Termux shortcut. Tap FM Radio and then drag the icon to where you want it.

    Here are a few icons I pulled out of the FM Radio app you could use

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