Wifi and Wifi Hotspot not turning on.

Phone suddenly shut down and after re starting wifi and hotspot stopped working(not turning on). Please provide some solution. Many users have faced this issue and i think it's a hardware issue that is being triggered by a software update. I'm sceptical about replacing my motherboard as it will change the IMEI of the device and may pose to be a problem later.


  • same problem i faced. I had to replace the motherboard then only the problem resolved.

  • See the thing is I've read a lot of comments from a number of users saying after changing motherboard they've faced other issues like fingerprint sensor not working fine or graphics degradation, so I would prefer not to change motherboard. And also for resale I'll have a huge problem because of two IMEI numbers.

  • My got replaced and after almost 2 months. Same issue happened again. Better sell thebphone once got fixed

  • Hey can I get your contact details? I have taken this issue to the higher authorities and i may need your help in proving our point and making sure no one is cheated.

  • Hi jatinmuppiri17,

    No one is cheated here. Whoever is facing issue is being provided with service.

    Apology for the experience. For now, request you to please visit the service center. Please share the RMA via PM if you have any issues during service or any issues confirm via PM as well.


  • The issue is with the phone, it doesn't matter whether the motherboard has been replaced or not. Every Rog owner will face this issue multiple times because Asus has failed to develop a phone and they aren't even acknowledging that fact. What is point of replacing motherboard? When we knw that we will face the same issue in the future. Please ask Asus to publicly issue a statement regarding this or it'll turn up very badly for them.

  • Yes but how about when the warranty expires? Would you still cover this issue? It seems to be a design flaw. Since my motherboard had been replaced. I am still having this issue after 1montj and 27 days of usage after hetting it back from the service center. Some here hot replaced his MOBO twice and having same issue.

    Kindly confirm@ARP_ASUS

  • I also wanted to ask why I can see only Indian users facing this issue? I may be wrong but maximum users facing this wifi issue are from India.

  • Don't take me wrong, Rog 5 is a beast device in all aspects and personally I haven't faced any issue except this but I must say the company is pretty backward in not accepting its fault and being honest to the consumers. The whole india production seems to be at fault or the software that you are creating is out of your control. Whatever it is please provide some clarity to the consumers so that they can have some assurance that the company actually cares about its users.

  • + 90% of HotSpot Wifi problems come from users in India but some now in Asia and US

    The essential difference is I think the ambient temperature there which must be on average around 30 ° if I am not mistaken.

    At first we thought of a bad first series, but many recent users are also affected now.

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