Rog phone 2 - The End Of The Nightmare

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I know this isn't an airport and I shouldn't be announcing my departure, but I'm officially done with Asus for my life from this moment.

My less than 2 year old ROG phone 2 died when I was watching a youtube video. Won't turn on, no matter what (trust me, I tried a lot of things).

Submitted at service center & they told me motherboard needs to be replaced as its 'shot'. The cost? Just 23k INR! Thats way more than what I can sell this phone for now. Heck, you can get a new phone with better specks at that price.

I've owned phones from almost all brands out there but nobody has failed me this hard. So far, my most hated brand used to be Sony, but congrats Asus, you just earned the spot!

Your products are super unreliable, bugged & look good only on paper & some youtube reviews. When it comes to longevity & the actual product quality (not just the outer shell), you guys are way behind the competition.

FYI, I had to work hard to buy that phone & it feels very bad everytime I look at my biggest smartphone nightmare & regret so far, which is ROG Phone 2.

Goodbye and see you never again!

Yours Truly,

A genuinely disappointed customer


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    Just sent my 2 years old ROG Phone 2 to service center for the same exact issue.

    I can confirm the phone condition is perfect and it just starting to auto reboot itself and died out of the sudden for no reason.

    For me this is really a manufacturer defect and there are so many discussion submitted with the same issue from different ROG Phone 2 user (rohit.pawar1007, mohdharis065, diikhachoperz).

    It is not fair to ask your customer to send their phone to service center and spend almost the same price of the phone to repair your faulty motherboard.

    Can any ASUS Moderators provide escalation for this?

  • Hi rohit.pawar1007,

    Please check your inbox message and share details.

  • Same thing happened with me after so many trail mails I got response they won't change Mobo so I'm kinda throw this phone to dustbin once it's done

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