Regarding the one bottom charger pin

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I am facing an issue regarding the bottom charger pin if I plug in its not charging hyper and without plugin it's shows charging what will be the problem plz say me the solution if I plug in to side port it's working well


  • The description of the problem is too vague, I was only able to determine that the lower port does not recognize the hyper load, it does not determine if there is a hardware or software problem.

    Go into the calculator (.12345+) to test and compare the upper and lower usb with the 2 tests (USB and AC).


    Does the smartphone charge the battery from the bottom port (without taking into account the Hyper-charge display)

    Does an audio headset or data transfer work on the bottom usb port?

    If you answer yes to the 2 questions it is a software problem, empty the power master and asus launch caches and restart the phone.

    If you answer No to the 2 questions it is a hardware problem.

    If you answer No to just one question, it's undetermined, empty the caches and restart.

    If it is a hardware problem, the risk of recovering a phone in poor condition with a significant downtime in addition is not worth having repaired in my opinion

  • Hi Manjureddy,

    The steps mentioned above can you answer and confirm the same.

    Also, have you tried a different charger? Does that help.

  • Ya I did tht but my down port completely not working now what is should do further

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