ROG Zephyrus 2021 G15 GA503 HDMI OUTPUT

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  1. System: Latest WIN10
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: GA503QS
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS: no
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Detailed description:Sorry if this question is already solved but cant find anything about it.

How does the manufacturer think to connect an external monitor to this computer from what i have understood so is HDMI socket connected to the (integrated) AMD RADEON processor's graphics card?

So If i want to play games on external monitor which support 165hz+ and get most of my laptop how do i need to wire the connection between then?

Is it USB-C to HDMI the way to go? if that's the case then the following question is that most adapters i found is HDMI 1.4 and in most cases don't handle high refresh-rates so good

what is the idea and what is the best solution in my case, Much obliged!


  • Hi there,

    The type C port is connected to the NV card.

    Both the maximum resolution and frequency of display export from HDMI and Type C is 3840*2160, 60Hz.

    So you can adjust them with the display setting (like in NV control center).

    Thank you.

  • that's incorrect have run [email protected] from the HDMI out to TV without any problems and Dolby Atmos support. But from USB-C i need to go down in resolution to 1080p to get higher refresh rate must be due adapter that only support HDMI v1.4.

    now i use HDMI output connected to one Asus TUF VG259QM and have 240hz runs smooth.

    will see if i can found some adapter that support HDMI v2.0+ just to see if there is any difference

  • can't be correct have run [email protected] hdmi to tv. But if i want to do the same with NV then i must probably get better adapter that support HDMI v2.0+

    run now hdmi out to one asus tuf monitor and have 240hz 1080p.

    Will see if i can found some adapter just to se if there is any difference

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