Random Reboot and Broken Auto-brightness after Update (WW_30.12.112.56)

Hi all,

As stated on the title after updated to WW_30.12.112.56, my phone randomly reboot (not too often though) and also auto-brightness not working like usual.

Before this update, which was on WW_30.12.112.46, everything was fine.

Hopefully Asus devs will look into this matter and fix them on the next update.





  • I do confirm that auto brightness is broken...

  • Mine too, after updating the auto brightness is acting weirdly and I have to switched it off.

  • Mine too after latest update.

  • I haven't observed anything wrong regarding the auto-brightness.

  • mj06mj06 Level 1
    edited November 23

    Same for me. Auto-brightness does not work properly. When waking up, it takes a long time to react and sometimes, it pushes the light to the max. Not accurate.

  • One more vote for bad auto-brightness. After wake up, screen gets too bright, and if I change it manually it later gets too dark.

    Before last update it worked perfectly and I had zero complaints on this fantastic phone.

  • I have the same problem, the bad sensitivity of automatic brightness,the display gets quite warm ,nothing terrible.

  • Hi @linggasy,

    Please try the following steps;

    1) Double-check that you have Adaptive brightness enabled by going to Settings -> Display -> Adaptive brightness

    2) You can reset adaptive brightness by going to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Se all XX apps -> Device Health Services -> Storage & cache -> Clear storage -> Reset adaptive brightness

    I hope that solves your issue, otherwise let me know :)

  • Hi there, wow that's new... I don't know you can reset "adaptive brightness" only. Thanks, Irene but the issue still persists. I think it's a bug within this update. I use this phone for almost 2 months now and always update whenever there's a chance. I can confirm that previous version (WW_30.12.112.46) worked great for me, maybe the best so far because before that version there were problems as well but I forgot.

    *P.S.: I don't know why but random reboot no longer happened. Total 3 times of random reboot after update.

  • @Irene2_ASUS

    Can you explain how to reset adaptive brightness.

  • mj06mj06 Level 1
    edited November 24

    Hi Vinko, all informations are in Irene2's message.

  • I have done what @Irene2_ASUS suggested but the problem with brightness still presist.

  • I also tried the suggested solution. I think that it may be better now, but I don't think it is the same as it was before the last update.

    This is somewhat subjective, but before the update I didn't even think about the autobrightness. Now, after the reset I still notice it.

  • Auto-brightness still broken after @Irene2_ASUS suggestion.

  • mj06mj06 Level 1

    I tried the suggestion, but the auto brightness adjustment still doesn't work properly. I have to move the cursor constantly because sometimes the brightness is too high (I am however indoor with medium light) and my setting does not seem to be saved. Before, I didn't take care of the auto brightness, everything worked fine.

  • Auto brightness with previous fw version was better

  • No improvemen after moderator's (Irene) suggestion. In fact it seems to get worse.

    My auto brightness was working fine(though not perfect) before the lastest firmware update.

  • Hi @mj06 @sexiclube55 @mickey_underwear @Chris1 @dejevic @Cyslawo @vinko063

    Thanks for letting me know

    I will send you all a PM with further instructions to collect logs so that we can continue investigating this issue.

    Check your inbox ;)

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