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  1. System: Zenbook 15
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model:
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Permanent
  5. Reset OS: No
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

My screenpad shows 4 icons: Number key, Handwriting, Quick Key and App deals. I can't move them into new positions nor delete them. And I'd like to add an icon for a calculator. Whatever I try it remains the same. It's particularly annoying when my thumb accidentally touches the AppDeals icon because it screws up my concentration on what I am doing and opens a window I don't want. At least it would be nice to move it somewhere else on the pad!

Thanks for any adice.

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    Hi there,

    1.No, screeXpert is more like a driver running in the background.

    2.Are you able to long press the icon and there will be and "x" showing on the icon and then you can drag them as well?

    3.I'm not sure about what you mean.....but I'm guessing that some APP icon from the main screen is now showing on screenpad and overlapping with screenpad app icon?

    If so, press WIN+D, and then you can drag those main screen app icon back to main screen.

    If I misunderstood, please share a picture with me.

    Thank you.


  • Hi there,

    You still have App you have Screenpad 1.0?

    Can you specify your laptop model? like UX550GV or UX535FA?

    or can you take a picture of your screenpad?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake, thank you for your reply. My laptop model is UX534FAC. I'm not sure how to check if I have Screenpad2 :-( but from what I read online this model should have it. I seem to have very little in the way of ASUS apps shown in the list of Apps; only ScreenXpert (which doesn't seem to do anything) and MyAsus which tells me the system is up to date. I've tried browsing through the ASUS website for updates but nothing seems very relevant. I'm a bit hesitant to try random updates to the BIOS etc.

    I updated to Windows 11 last week and haven't encountered any problems at all.

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    Hi there,

    Yes, you do have screenpad 2.0.

    Please refer to below FAQ to reinstall the drivers.

    Please be careful that the installation order must be followed.

    Thank you.

  • OK, thanks; I followed all that (getting ScreenXpert was a hassle. It seems not to be searchable on Microsoft Store but I found a direct link via a Reddit post).

    But ... no change.

    Can I ask a couple of questions?

    1. When I run ScreenXpert should I see any visible effect such as a window? There seems to be no effect at all, but it shows up as a running task in Task Manager, so maybe it's just something that runs in the background?
    2. I should be able to move and/or delete or add to the icons that show up on the screenpad, right? Just like the main screen? If I try to drag an icon from the main screen to the ScreenPad the mouse cursor changes to "not allowed" when it's over the screenpad.
    3. Are there any options in the Display Management interface that I should be looking at? ATM the screen pad shows up as display #2, and seems to have some overlap with the settings for the main screen. Eg if I select a background slideshow for the main screen (option "Centred"), I get images from the same folder on the screenpad, but at a resolution that (maybe?) corresonds to the main screen, i.e. I only see a part of the whole image.

    Not sure if those questions help much. Thanks for your time.

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    O-O-K. This is the point where I slap my forehead and say "D'Oh!".

    I think my whole problem comes from the trivial error of not holding the mouse click long enough before trying to do something. "Long press" made sense immediately after I tried it; do I do this with touch screens? Yes. Do I do it with mouse clicks? Nope.

    There are times when I can't believe how dumb I am, despite decades of computer experience (which my children tell me is part of the problem).

    Problem solved, thank you for your patience and good advice.

  • Great! Glad to help.

    Let me know if you have any other question.

    Thank you.

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