Zenbook UX461UN will not wake and overheats while stuck

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  1. Battery or AC: both
  2. Model: ux461un
  3. Frequency of occurrence: every day
  4. Reset OS: NO WAY
  5. Screenshot or video:

System: latest w10S

Detailed description:No matter what I do my zenbook flip will not wake from sleep (actually hibernation because it could never wake from sleep). I've tried every troubleshooting step on this site except for OS reset because others have said it doesn't work and I don't want to waste the time reinstalling all of my SW and work. Often the laptop overheats when it can't wake on battery. This is a true nightmare and seems like a safety hazard that ____should be addressed before it kills someone____.


  • HI there,

    What is your BIOS version?

    Are you connecting to any external device?

    How do you usually put the laptop to sleep/hibernate? by closing the lid? press power button? lock the screen and let it go to sleep mode itself?

    Thank you.

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