WARNING: Bitlocker Locked ROG Scar Harddrive after SSD upgrade, no keys exist to unlock

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  1. System: Windows
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: Scar 15 laptop
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:

I'm just posting this in case anyone here is thinking of upgrading the SSD on their ROG laptop (maybe because of their cheery lil page saying how easy it is, oh wow!). Well, I just did that and immediately was greeted with this:

I had no idea what happened, because I had not enabled or installed BitLocker, a Windows encryption security service that requires you to enter a recovery key, which is associated with your Windows account.

I checked my Windows account, which was associated with this device, and there were no keys to be found, and I am completely unable to access my laptop or files now. I talked with Windows support, and they had no access to any recovery keys either, telling me that it was ASUS' fault (the screenshot above).

From 5 hours of dealing with Windows and ASUS customer support, I've come to understand the following:

  • ASUS has installed BitLocker on at least ROG laptops in a way where at least some people don't actually have it set up properly, with the required keys.
  • BitLocker can be triggered by even minor upgrades or changes, like plugging in a new SSD
  • After some incredibly unhelpful chats and calls with ASUS support, I am told that the only solution is sending it away for "repairs", which I suspect will just be losing my laptop for 2 weeks and being told it needs to be wiped completely.

This is what ASUS said:

and this is what Microsoft said:

And the customer is caught in the middle, having dropped a lot of money on an expensive paper weight 😎

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears, but in the next 24hrs I'll either be wiping it myself, or sending it off to have them tell me to wipe it.

Good luck, thanks for nothing ASUS!


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    Hello Rolfes,

    We are very sorry about this.

    But I would like to clarify that this is absolutely not what we can controlled. Hope you can understand.

    This bitlocker mechanism is created by Microsoft, it is on all new laptops since the past 2 years, not just ASUS laptop or ROG laptop.

    Asus neither stores nor has the ability to provide a recovery key. Asus cannot circumvent the Microsoft BitLocker Recovery key process. Asus devices are not encrypted when shipped from the factory.

    What we can help at this moment, as you already know, is repairing the laptop and it would wipe out the data.

    Thank you.

  • I also am having this problem and I can't even do a recovery to wipe it. it won't let me do jack and sh#&. I paid a lot of money and I am really upset by the fact I have spent 6 hours of my day when I should be working trying to fix something that should not be broken in the first place. that's why I bought a expensive laptop. so I wouldn't have to worry.

    I guess the you get what you pay for is wrong cause I paid for thru the nose and now I am going to me idea business and clients info. and all Asus had to say was it is Microsoft and Microsoft said it was Asus. I'm just going to return the paperweight tomorrow and buy an apple. at least then I know it will work.

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