Button signature. Scale. Question to the ASUS

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Hello. I use a translator, so I apologize for the imperfect English. But I hope that you will hear and understand me. The language of my Zenfon 8 is Ukrainian and I really don't like how captions or explanations are implemented in pop-up windows of some functions (sometimes it's not clear what is written there, because the words are very shortened).

Or how the captions on the buttons are implemented (the text doesn't fit on them, so it touches the borders of the buttons, or even gets offended.

When using your flagship, I would not want to experience such discomfort when interacting with it. This is worth not only flagships, but also any other device. I have attached screenshots to the message for clarity and hope that this detail will be corrected.

If not in Android 11, then in Android 12.

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